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“This is not making me happy”

Posted by on Sep 2, 2013 in Emotions are our GPS | 0 comments

Recently, my 3 year old has started to voice how he feels when he is not happy about something by stating “This is not making me happy”.  Usually this statement comes up when he’s asked to finish eating his dinner or pick up his toys.  Nevertheless, he will voice his discontentment throughout the day once in a while when he is not happy with a certain situation.  I find myself trying not to laugh when he expresses his unhappiness at such a young age and will ask him why he isn’t happy and what would make him happier which usually ends with him still having to eat his dinner or pick up his...

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We all just want to matter

Posted by on Mar 3, 2013 in Self Esteem | 2 comments

I recently went to see Oprah when she came to speak in Vancouver.  I had watched her talk show in the past which I found to be very entertaining, informative and quite often inspirational depending upon who her guest was for the day.   I have always found that she is very down to earth, willing to laugh at herself and is not afraid to open up about her insecurities and fears which really helps her audience feel like they can really relate to her. Although I was looking forward to seeing her in person, I did wonder how she was going to keep her audience captivated without a high profile guest...

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New Year Resolutions and why we often sabotage ourselves

Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in Self Sabotage | 2 comments

New Year Resolutions Well, it’s the beginning of a new year and for many of us it’s a time when we think about what we would like to accomplish in the year to come.  Whether we call them resolutions, goals, aspirations or dreams, they represent a part of us that we would like to improve or change.  Whatever our reasons are for wanting to change, we will all take varying approaches in an effort to achieve our goals. Some of us will use a daily planner documenting every last detail of our plan and some of us will stick post-it notes around the house with positive affirmations written on them,...

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